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“We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children”


We are two brothers who were raised with the love of tasteful and good things. Since we were kids, we have always loved to sneak in the kitchen when our grandmother and mother were cooking. They gave us their best recipes, above all, we learned that even the simplest ingredients can make a delicious meal.

As former engineers, we have always been concerned by environmental issues and worked many years in the solar industry, developing projects and actively contributing to the production of “green” energy, saving lots of carbon dioxide each year.

At some point, we both felt the need to do something different, closer to our roots… Our idea is simple: a healthier eating option to the greasy processed meals that you can find in traditional fast foods. Eating fast does not mean having to eat junk food.

We want to propose a convenient restaurant serving healthy great-tasting food, quickly and affordably, while making the least amount of impact on our environment as possible. In a few words: turn “FAST FOOD” into “FAST GOOD”.

It is all about GOOD products to make GOOD tasty food, both GOOD for our health and GOOD for our planet.

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